Area Amor The Begining

Areamor is all about love, family, and working to achieve the dream of owning and running your own successful business using the platform that Mary Kay Cosmetics has set out for them.

Gina Rodriguez-Orriola started he career with Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1990 and has not looked back since. In her over 20 years of experience she been able to not only live out her own dreams, but also help countless others do the same.

In this picture Gina Rodriguez-Orriola celebrates her very first coveted Mary Kay Pink Cadillac she earned working and growing her business using every advantage Mary Kay Cosmetics had to offer.


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The Journey of Gina Rodriguez-Orriola

Come take a brief trip with us and witness the wonderful story of a women determined to turn her dreams into reality with this video produced by Annie Kozikowski.



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Gina Rodriguez-Orriola

Since 1990, Gina Rodriguez-Orriola has been working her way up the Mary Kay Ladder to the coveted position of a National Sales Director.

Her story begins...


Gina Rodriguez Head Shot 1